13 Home Remodel Tips for a Successful Renovation

13 Home Remodel Tips for a Successful Renovation

  • Mary Ann Teixeira
  • 07/22/23

If you’re aiming for a streamlined, successful sale, you might be hoping to tackle a home remodel to uplevel the appeal of your space. Depending on the project and the local housing market, the return on investment for home remodeling can be rather significant. When you pour time, money, and heart into a home remodel, you're not just enhancing your living space — you're increasing the potential resale value of your property. It's a win-win situation as long as you're armed with the right remodeling tips and know-how.

Read on for some expert tips to make your home renovation project a true success!

1. Define Your Renovation Goals

Before you start knocking down walls or buying new paint colors, you need to have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve with your renovation work. Maybe you want to add square footage to your living space, enhance a room’s functionality, update the aesthetics, or increase your home's energy efficiency.

Whatever your goals, be sure to define them clearly before beginning your project. Conducting thorough research and seeking inspiration from magazines, websites, and design professionals can help refine your design ideas and create a clear vision for the remodel. Drawing out plans or sketches of your renovation project can be incredibly helpful as well. This process can give you a more detailed idea of what the finished project will look like and may help you spot any potential problems before you begin.

2. Establish Your Project Budget

Next, you should decide on a budget for your remodel. This includes not just the cost of all the new construction materials and fixtures but also any unexpected expenses that might arise. Remember, it's always better to plan ahead for these instances and have a little extra set aside, just in case.

3. The Timeline: Account for the Duration of Your Project

Remodeling a whole house (or even just one room) can take time — more time, in fact, than many homeowners expect. Be realistic about your timeline and plan accordingly while staying flexible. Plus, don't forget to factor in any potential delays caused by unexpected issues or roadblocks. Homeowners should always anticipate potential disruptions during the remodel and plan for temporary living arrangements if needed.

4. Conduct Preliminary Research

Doing your homework is essential before you start any kind of remodeling project. Research the latest home renovation tips and trends, and get familiar with the building materials and tools you'll need. One of the most effective ways to stay organized is to make a comprehensive list of what you'll need for your project, including all tools and materials. This way, you can avoid multiple trips to the home center and prevent any setbacks. Remember: knowledge is power!

5. Understand Your Skills and Limitations

When it comes to home remodeling projects, it's essential to know what you're capable of doing yourself and when to call in the pros for the best end result. There's no shame in hiring a contractor for tasks that lie beyond your skill set. After all, a successful remodel is about the finished work, not who installed the cabinets or tore up the flooring.

If you’re taking on an extensive project, engaging reputable contractors or architects to assess the feasibility of the project and provide expert guidance is highly recommended. Detailed plans and blueprints should be drawn up, outlining the scope of work and ensuring all necessary permits are obtained.

6. Solicit Suggestions and Referrals

Getting recommendations from friends, family, or online communities can be a valuable source of information. They can provide tips, share their own remodeling experiences, and even suggest reliable contractors they’ve worked with in the past if you’re teaming up with a professional.

7. Plan for Packing and Transport

When renovating, you'll likely need to pack up and move some items around. Think about how and where you'll store your belongings during the renovation process. In addition, consider the logistics of how you'll transport and store any large or heavy materials in your space.

8. Integrate Your Project into Your Routine

Your project should fit into your regular schedule as smoothly as possible to avoid any unnecessary stress or disruptions to your daily routine. Plan ahead, and make sure to allocate enough time each day or week to work on your remodel.

9. Designate a Project Area

It's a good idea to have a specific area for your project. This space could be a section of your garage, a spare room, or even a portion of your yard. Having a designated area will keep your materials and tools organized and accessible. In addition, creating a separate relaxation space can be useful for refreshing your mind and unwinding in the midst of renovation chaos. 

10. Keep Pets and Children in Mind

Of course, your remodel should not pose any safety risks to your little ones. Keep tools and hazardous materials out of reach, and ensure that any construction areas are securely closed off. In addition, pets, like children, need to be considered during a home remodel. Make sure they have a secure and quiet space away from all the noise and chaos of construction projects.

11. Prepare for Power and Water Interruptions

During the renovation, you will likely experience occasional power outages or water shut-offs. Thus, another essential remodeling tip is to make sure you have alternative lighting and water options and a plan for meals if your kitchen is affected. 

12. Schedule Clean-Up Time

When planning your remodel, don't forget to account for the clean-up process. Build time into your schedule for tidying up your work area at the end of each day.

13. Check the Weather

Especially for outdoor projects, remember to keep a close eye on the forecast. Weather conditions can greatly affect your progress and the quality of your work, and you don’t want any essential materials to be damaged by an unforeseen rainstorm.

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