Transformation of 3305 Adelaide Way

  • 08/25/20

We were fortunate with this project because the owner of the property had already done some beautiful landscaping at the front of the house on the street it had become a little overgrown and of course it needed to be freshened up. We cleaned and pruned the existing plantings and added some fresh wood chips. Through the front gate is the private courtyard. We created more curb appeal by power washing and staining the fence, changing the address numbers to something more modern and by installing a new, black mailbox. The little things do make a big impact. We power washed the bluestone patio, added new foundation plants and new sod. It turned out to be a warm and inviting area, so we staged it with an outdoor couch suggesting a place to pause and rest in the morning sun.

The interior of the house was lightened up with neutral paint. We also removed the room darkening shades but chose not to remove the Vertical Blinds. By revealing the windows and allowing all of the light to flow in, the house looked much more spacious. The staging was placed to create two distinct conversation areas and the dining area was defined by the placement of the table. Note that we did not hang a chandelier. The dining area had previously houses built in benches that were dark cherry finish with black leather upholstery. They were functional but made the space feel confined , not quite as fluid, and of course they looked very masculine. Not that that is wrong, it is just for this house we wanted to create openness ad flow.

The master bedroom was given an expansive look by changing the colors and by removing the window coverings. Everything became very neutral and appeared a lot more spacious. It's amazing what fresh paint will do.The change of color in the master bathroom was transformational. It had been painted a dark hue, which was rich, however it made the area feel smaller.

The most outstanding thing about the home however was the backyard and the view beyond it. We began by power washing and staining the fences and the wooden decks. We added grass and some new plantings. The yard took on a spectacular and inviting appeal. It became to focal point and the destination. When you were inside your eyes would be drawn to the backyard and you just wanted to walk out there. That's what sold the house.

​​​​​​​We did very well with the house. It sold in four days with multiple offers. The brightness and the re landscaping really created a friendly and inviting environment. The backyard suggested a wonderful place to romp around and play or the place to invite friends to relax. The buyers of the home are a young couple just starting a family. They will fit right in with the neighborhood and it so happens at the schools in this neighborhood are rated very very highly.


Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Area
Master Bed/Bath


Master Bed/Bath

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