Newcomer's Guide to Living in Belmont

Newcomer's Guide to Living in Belmont

  • Mary Ann Teixeira
  • 02/23/23

Located in the heart of the Bay Area, Belmont is a small community between San Mateo and Burlingame. With plenty of schools, parks, and recreational centers, the city is ideal for young families and young professionals. It is also home to a number of world-class companies. If you want to relocate to this beautiful city, this guide will help you get to know your new home.

Things to do and see around Belmont

Belmont is a vibrant, multicultural city with plenty to see and do. From natural beauty to shopping and dining, there is something for just about everyone. Owning Belmont property also provides ready access to transportation options such as Caltrain and I-280, placing cities such as San Francisco and San Jose within easy reach.
If you are interested in outdoor activities, consider hiking or biking at the many trails in the area such as those at scenic Twin Pines Park or Water Dog Lake Park. Both offer miles of scenic trails that lead through woodlands and meadows, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. You can also go swimming at one of the local beaches or lakes or kayak and fish at Water Dog Lake Park or Laurelwood Park. These parks also offer picnic areas, playgrounds, and fishing piers.
Or, if you prefer shopping and dining inside a city setting, consider El Camino Real. This bustling street features many shops and restaurants catering to everyone's tastes.

Family activities in Belmont

Belmont is known for its wooded hills, San Francisco Bay views, and open spaces. Families can enjoy biking and hiking all over San Mateo County, with plenty of parks, preserves, and pristine beaches. You can take the kids for a day outdoors at Waterdog Lake Park or Crystal Springs Regional Trail, or drag them along to The Belmont Historical Society for a glance into the town's history. Families can also visit Ralston Hall Mansion for a unique experience in history and architecture.

Top public schools serving Belmont

Carlmont High School

Carlmont High School is one of Belmont's top-rated public schools. With an impressive A rating, Carlmont High School is part of the Sequoia Union High School District. It offers a variety of courses including advanced placement (AP) and other college preparatory classes. The school has earned an enviable reputation for its academic excellence, and many of its graduates pursue a college education. With its solid academics and supportive faculty, Carlmont High School is an excellent choice for Belmont students looking for a quality education.

Summit Public School - Denali Campus

Summit Public School, Denali Campus, is a public middle school offering a personalized education emphasizing project-based learning and encouraging students to think critically and creatively. The school is proud of its commitment to providing a quality education for all students, emphasizing collaboration and technology.
Beyond the rigorous academic program at the Denali Campus, the school also offers extracurricular activities for enrichment and social development. The school hosts several clubs and activities, including a robotics team, soccer team, chess club, photography club, dance team, theater troupe, band, choir, and quiz team.

Cipriani Elementary School

Cipriani Elementary School is a public school serving preschool to fifth-grade students in the Belmont area. The school welcomes students of all backgrounds and abilities. Cipriani offers a range of academic programs and extracurricular activities, including music, art, drama, and sports. The school also hosts enrichment classes and after-school clubs, such as robotics and chess.

Top private schools near Belmont

The Nueva School

The Nueva School is a private school with Hillsborough and San Mateo campuses. The school offers a rigorous academic program for students in grades K-12. Nueva focuses on project-based learning, encouraging students to think critically and creatively.
This school is committed to diversity and inclusion and strives to foster an inclusive and accepting environment for all its students.

Crystal Springs Uplands School

Crystal Springs Uplands School is a co-ed private school located in Hillsborough. Crystal Springs takes great pride in its academic excellence, offering students various activities supporting their educational goals. The school offers a comprehensive science, math, and arts curriculum and is committed to diversity and inclusion in its student body. Crystal Springs provides programs for students of all ages and abilities, including after-school homework help, enrichment classes, and field trips.

Castilleja School

Located in Palo Alto, Castilleja School is an independent school for girls in grades six through twelve. The school offers a quality education to its students with a focus on STEM, arts, outdoor education, and leadership development. The school is also known for its outstanding balance of academic and extracurricular opportunities and provides a supportive environment for girls to thrive.
As an all-girls middle and high school in the San Francisco Bay Area, Castilleja offers students a diverse learning environment with strong academics and extracurricular activities. Students can participate in various clubs and organizations, such as art club, French club, literary magazine, and Robotics Club. Beyond its academic offerings, Castilleja has an extensive athletic program.

Find your perfect Belmont home with the right real estate agent

With proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Belmont homes offer owners easy access to various amenities and attractions. If you want to purchase Belmont property, an experienced real estate agent such as Mary Ann Teixeira can help you navigate and understand the local real estate market. She can also answer your questions about pricing, negotiation tactics, and other details to help you get a great deal on your property purchase.

Work With Mary Ann

With nearly 15 years of rich experience spanning Belmont, Redwood City, Burlingame, and throughout the San Mateo County real estate realm, Mary Ann Teixeira has masterfully developed the vital intuitive skills essential for astute negotiations and effective communication in today's refined property market. Over the course of her notable career, she has earned the admiration of industry colleagues and built a formidable clientele base, ensuring her business thrives on trusted referrals. For those seeking unmatched expertise in the real estate markets of Belmont, Redwood City, Burlingame, and beyond, Mary Ann Teixeira stands as a beacon of excellence and reliability.

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