5 Ways to Market Your SF Peninsula Home in Winter

5 Ways to Market Your SF Peninsula Home in Winter

  • 11/25/19

Secrets to a fast-selling home during the end of the year

Let’s face it. Winter isn’t known as the most popular home-selling season…but surprise! With fewer houses for sale and less competition on the market, you actually have a better chance of standing out among the crowd.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​The chilliest time of year may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean your home has to match the dreary weather outside. With these tips and tricks, your property will glow and stand out—radiating welcoming warmth to all who stop by.

Let There Be Light

The best part about selling a home during the holiday season is that everyone is looking to feel warm inside and out. Emulating this feeling is easily done by highlighting the stark contrast of your home’s exterior versus interior with lighting. Entice potential buyers to step inside by turning on every light in the house and opening shutters, blinds, and curtains on every window.

​​​​​​​Add lamps in corners, in hallways, and wherever you can—as long as it’s not crowding the space. Avoid lights that are too fluorescent; the goal is to create a warm and cozy space in each and every room. And don’t forget the back of your home! If you have an outdoor area, patio, or backyard, let it glow with string lights and/or pathway lamps. Viewers may not step outside, but they’ll be able to imagine themselves enjoying the space during the warmer months.

Groom Your Garden

Luckily in San Francisco, we don’t receive buckets of snow, but leaves still fall and bushes become barren. To keep your front yard looking as appealing as possible, give all of your trees and bushes the manicures they deserve by tripping and clipping them where necessary. Mow your lawn, rake your yard, sweep your driveway, and clean out your gutters. The same thing goes for the interior—bleach, polish, vacuum, and clean everything else you can think of!

Warm It Up

Who wants to spend more than five minutes looking through a chilly house when they have to step right back into the cold? Be sure to turn on the heat in your house both before and during showings for a cozy environment, but make sure your viewers aren’t sweating. Speaking of heat…

​​​​​​​During winter, homes with hot tubs, fireplaces, and firepits become even more inviting and entrancing. Don’t forget to point these features out to viewers!

Serve Hot Foods

Baked treats fresh out of the oven, spiced cider, hot cocoa with marshmallows…warming your visitors up from the inside out right off the bat will win you extra brownie points. If you’re feeling fancy or generous, whip up a few pies, soups, chowders, or other easy-to-eat finger foods. Put them on pre-placed napkins or in tiny plastic glasses/dishes to keep messes at a minimum and make clean-up easier on you. Plus, the smell of warm cookies after walking through the door and away from the chilly air will be the cherry on top of your guests’ viewing experience. 

Make A Scene

Like a movie, set the scene. Have an earth-toned throw draped over your armchair. Set out two or three glasses of wine on a side table or coffee table if it’s an evening viewing. Have a few coffee mugs on the dining room table if it’s a morning or afternoon showing. Stage breakfast or dinner with placemats and dishes. Play soft jazz or holiday music around the house for the ultimate ambiance. The final touch is making an emotional connection with viewers by allowing them to see themselves living in your home.

Are You In San Francisco?

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​​​​​​​May your holiday season be merry and bright! 

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