Best Hiking Trails Near Burlingame

Best Hiking Trails Near Burlingame

  • 03/19/21
“Sometimes when you’re lost, you’re found.” This beloved quote kicks off a new and exciting era of wondrous exploration on the hit television series, Star Trek: Discovery. It’s the most apropos way to describe what it’s like to be transported into another wondrous world while wandering through the variety of majestic and ethereal hiking trails in Burlingame, CA. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of it all, and easier still to find an inner peace that so often eludes us in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

Whether you’re browsing neighboring houses for sale in Millbrae, or happen to be the proud owner of a luxury home in Burlingame, the woodland parks and wildlife sanctuaries that one can roam through within and around “The City of Trees” (as Burlingame is affectionately called) are the crowning jewels of naturally opulent amenities while living in the Peninsula area. There are always new gems of nature to discover, new trails to explore for the experienced hiker and the casual walker alike—with a little something for everyone to discover:

Mills Canyon Wildlife Refuge

Credit: All Trails

This landscape of aesthetic beauty is right in Burlingame’s own backyard. Mills Canyon is home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna species native to the Coastal Foothills—a place where red-tailed hawks glide over canyons of towering live oak and bay laurel trees, and field mice make their way through grasslands and fern into the forest in search of that perfect blackberry vine. There are five points of access to the Ed Taylor Loop Trail, which is the main hiking trail that runs the expanse of this refuge. This short and relatively easy 1.4-mile loop trail can be traversed during any time of the year, where a broad variety of wildflowers make their appearance in tune with the changing of the seasons. The trail is moderately trafficked and dog-friendly. However, dogs must be kept on-leash at all times to preserve the delicate balance of the area’s natural ecosystem—which includes poison oak, so take time to recognize and avoid it.

The trail is well-maintained, with markers to guide people along its one-way loop—it’s also marked by a number of informative plaques to educate wanderers about the native flora and fauna. One of the most pleasant ways to experience the refuge is to start your hike from the Arguello Drive entrance. This will take you on an idyllic descent right into the forest and start your hike off on an easy and magical note. A right at the first trail junction will lead you through a woodland canyon toward the cool, refreshing water trickling along Mills Creek—you’ll also pass a spectacular redwood grove and some small waterfalls along the way. From there, you’ll be able to gradually ascend out of the creek canyon and onto a grassy ridge, which has some incredible and picturesque views of the entire canyon as you make your way back to the trailhead. Archeological explorations of the Canyon have revealed tools, mortars, and pestles belonging to the Ohlone tribe, which called the Canyon home for generations—so keep a sharp eye out, as you just might stumble upon a piece of history as you wander through the wood.

Sawyer Camp Trail

Tucked away alongside the breathtaking expanse of the Crystal Springs Reservoir, this 6-mile trail garners some of the most Instagram-worthy views you’ll find along the San Francisco Peninsula region between Burlingame and San Mateo. Sawyer Camp Trail stretches between the shores of the reservoir and San Andreas Lake, with markers posted at every half mile—making it easy for travelers to track their progress. Its paved path not only lends itself to walking, hiking, running, and biking, it’s also one of a handful of gorgeous trails in the Bay Area that makes gentle outdoor adventuring both stroller and wheelchair accessible. Sawyer Camp Trail is one of the more popular trails in the Bay Area, which makes for an excellent opportunity to catch up on conversations with friends while getting in some exercise.

Though the trail doesn’t immerse you in wildlife—as a hike through the Miles Canyon Wildlife Refuge will—Sawyer Camp Trail offers visitors the splendor of nature in all its glory viewed through a faraway lens. The length of the trail is embraced by stretches of preserved forests and the Coastal Range ridge and kissed by the pristine waters of the magnificent lake—which seems to take on a variety of different, shimmering, picture-perfect tones as the course of the sun changes throughout the day. Sunrise glinting off of the surroundings makes the trail one of the most inspiring morning runs one can take in the Peninsula area. It’s not uncommon to spot deer and squirrels sharing the trail as you travel while ducks and hawks soar overhead—there are over 180 different species of birds that have been identified along the Sawyer Camp Trail area. Just a stone’s throw away from Burlingame, past neighborhoods of beautiful homes that make up the San Mateo real estate market, travelers coming from Burlingame to the Sawyer Camp Trail are encouraged to leave four-legged companions at home—dogs are not allowed on the trail, as the Watershed area surrounding it is officially recognized as a Biosphere Reserve.

Bayside Park

With its sweeping views of the glistening coastal border, the Bayside Park trail area is a go-to walking spot in the Peninsula for Burlingame real estate owners seeking an easier trek close to home while breathing in the crisp air of the great outdoors. There are plenty of small hiking trails that connect through the park, offering a leisurely stroll along the coast. The park itself has athletic fields, a community garden, and a dog-friendly area for canine companions to get in some exercise—it’s not uncommon to find locals relaxing in these areas after a hike.

The main trail is a 2.1-mile loop trail that starts from Bayside Park and travels to the Robert E. Woolley State Park Loop. It’s dog-friendly for on-leash furry friends and is great for hikers of all skill levels as there are no hills and it’s all paved. With the waters of the Bay and stunning views of the San Francisco skyline on one side, a smattering of hotels and small businesses on the other, and airplanes soaring overhead from the San Francisco International Airport in the distance, the vibe along the hike takes on a harmonious balance between urban jungle and tranquil nature.

Coyote Point Park & Recreation Area

Credit: Trip Advisor

Nestled on the border of Burlingame and San Mateo, Coyote Point is a 670-acre park distinct for its expansive grove of lush, fragrant Eucalyptus trees. Originally once an island in the San Francisco Bay, with marsh connecting it to the mainland, this park is now home to one of the most hands-on science museums and native animal zoos in Northern California—making it a perfect destination for day-long excursions with children. Coyote Point houses 25 naturalistic wildlife habitats with over 50 species of animals native to California, a 4,000-square-foot aviary, an invertebrate habitat, and nearly 1.3 acres of curated gardens to explore before or after a hike.

There are a variety of spectacular trails in the park, with a number of them paved for more casual walking and bicycling. The shoreline path is an ideal trail for bird watching along the marina’s edge, with restrooms available near the beach area of the path—which can take on an otherworldly effect as fog crawls along the water toward the shore during an early morning hike. On a pleasantly sunny day, when the winds are just right, one of the highlights of trekking along the shoreline trail is watching wind and kite surfers skim along the surface of the water.

What’s amazing about the luxury of living in Burlingame is that you don’t need to travel far from home to find yourself in another world entirely. Some trails you take may find you deeply immersed and in tune with the wildlife around you. Others might give you the tranquil gift of perspective—with the beauty of Mother Nature captured from a distance. And whether the trail you explore is paved and easy or winds itself through the woods, there is a path for everyone in and around the spectacular City of Trees to lose and find themselves on a hike.

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