5 Luxury Upgrades for your  San Mateo Home

5 Luxury Upgrades for your San Mateo Home

  • Mary Ann Teixeira
  • 05/12/22

San Mateo houses are known for their modern feel and luxurious construction. Chances are if you already own San Mateo real estate, you love your home. But your home is likely your oldest and most expensive possession. Long-time homeowners know how quickly home furnishings and accommodation trends change. Many of us have had that moment where we look up, suddenly realizing that the kitchen backsplash all over Pinterest when we moved in is now hard to look at. While disliking the kitchen backsplash or the bathroom tile might seem like minor nuisances, you’ll probably spend 50% of your time looking at them. A home should be a sanctuary, and if you paid good money for one, every corner should bring you joy. Headache-inducing renovations may not be the solution to your home’s irritations, so here are five relatively easy ways to upgrade your home. They’ll make it feel brand new and boost its property value if you plan to sell your San Mateo real estate.

1. Outdoor escape

One of the easiest ways to add a boost of luxury to your home won’t even happen inside your home. Nothing is more enjoyable than kicking back with a drink and friends outdoors in that signature California weather. Having your own outdoor space tailored to look how you like and made to do exactly what you want is a rare advantage to homeownership. Building a new patio or deck out of fresh, modern materials is a long-lasting investment that’ll stay in fashion for a long time. If you’re looking for a slightly less resource-heavy project, you can still do countless things to organize your perfect space. Adding a hot tub or grilling area to your San Mateo real estate are magnificent options if you love to entertain. Still, if you’re more of a quiet type, then a fire pit and some new, comfortable furniture will surely bring you delight. You could put in some beautiful trellises and start a rose or vegetable garden if you have a bit of a green thumb. Whatever you choose, giving the outdoor space a bit of attention goes a long way in making your home feel like a modern-day oasis.

2. Make your house smart

Like home trends, technology seems like it is evolving every day. The Northern California area is known to be a hub for the most innovative tech industries, and San Mateo real estate is a great place to implement the advancements available. Since the area is so popular amongst professionals in the tech industry, it can certainly help boost home value if you’re selling, and even if you’re not, it can take some of the annoyance and work out of your home routine. There are so many options in this category of renovations. You can install a security system to feel more at ease at home on the more practical side of things. You can change the light fixtures to be controllable and customizable on your phone for greater ambiance. If you’re looking for convenience, you could automate your blinds to make your morning routine a breeze. The nice thing about smart home renovations is that they’re becoming more accessible and easier to do. Often, they are projects that you can finish on your own or over a weekend with some help. So whether you want to implement one or all of these ideas, they shouldn’t take too much time or effort. 

3. Add a bar

If you’re a lover of those celebrity homes seen in Architectural Digest tours, you’re no stranger to popular luxury home accommodations. A trendy addition to living room spaces right now is a marble bar that acts as both a centerpiece to the room and a tool for entertaining. These exquisite and eye-catching additions are both decorative and practical. Marble is a popular finish, but adding any bar that fits your aesthetic will elevate your living space from everyday to glamorous. A bar adds a little excitement to a home and makes entertaining even more straightforward.

4. Brighten up the kitchen

The kitchen is the number one space in a home that dates itself quickly. This room is likely the first one people see when they enter your home, and it is also the room that families spend the most time in together. When it comes to selling San Mateo houses, the kitchen is the first place that is recommended to spruce up before listing. While a total kitchen overhaul may not be necessary, there are a ton of really fun trends popping up right now, especially for the spring season. Painting the cabinets a flashy color, adding different metal accents, or replacing your appliances with new ones that also bring a nostalgic flair can completely transform a space that is beginning to feel a little stale. Plus, with all of the innovations in appliances on the market nowadays, this luxurious addition could be a practical one too. You’ll be able to cook faster and clean up easily with more modern appliances.

5. Replace the tile

The second place that can be groan-inducing when it comes to renovation is your home’s bathroom(s). A luxurious, peaceful bathroom is such a familiar home fantasy and easier to achieve than you might think. Because renovating a bathroom often requires plumbing work, it can be a more laborious endeavor. That being said, there are changes you can make without demolishing your space. Tile is what really gives a bathroom its sense of design. If yours looks dated, you can switch it out for an upscale option that adds an elegant touch to the home. Larger cut tile slabs are very popular and will immediately make the space look more modern. If you’re willing to touch the pipes, you could add in a soaking tub or replace the sink fixtures.

Buying or selling San Mateo real estate?

While modern, luxury San Mateo real estate is widely available, you may have an urge to give your home an upscale refreshment. Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to fall in love with your space all over again, know that there are so many options to make changes that won’t leave you pulling your hair out. If you’re looking for guidance on the most advantageous pre-listing renovations for San Mateo Houses, reach out to Mary Ann Teixeira.

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